I do Orange County sewage cleanup for a reasonable price. My name is Eddie Evans and I'm known on the Internet as Eddie Evans Biohazard Cleanup.  



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Orange County Sewage Cleanup


My name is Eddie Evans and I'm known on the Internet as Eddie Evans Biohazard Cleanup. I work and live in Cypress. I clean throughout Orange County. As you might expect, reaching Orange County for those in need of my sewage cleanup services takes time. Rush hour takes too much time. In early hours, I can zip into your neighborhood fairly quickly, all things considered.

If you have water running into your home, you need a plumber, at least. You also need a quick response from a company like mine. If you have no insurance, you do need me.

My Orange County sewage cleanup and water cleanup services remain available every day. Call at any hour. If I'm already busy in somewhere else in Orange County, I will offer to clean for you later. We should keep in mind that Orange County's traffic becomes near gridlock at certain hours.

What I do.

I use in-house power. Sewage cleanup uses a lot of electricity to remove sewage and water from floors, carpet and padding, and sometimes furnishings placed too near your floor. Air movers, fans, use a lot of electricity too. They also make a lot of noise and sometimes Orange County climate favors sewage cleanup, it seems, but it still takes time.

After removing fecal matter, toilet paper, and other sewage soiled material, I begin disinfecting sewage soiled areas. Then, just before I make an all out effort to dry out s room's contents and structure, I disinfect. I disinfect again once a room thoroughly dries out. Once soiled materials dry, nonporous materials are cleaned and disinfected again. Porous materials usually enter our solid waste stream and go to our county landfill once dried out. Many times I remove damaged materials while they remain moist and allow them to dry out.

If your toilet works and flushes without clogging, my work ends and I get paid after sewage removal.

If your toilet works, flushes, and clogs, my work still ends and I get paid. It's your plumber's job to unclog your toilet line. Plumbers in the Orange County area usually have plenty of experience. This line, a pipe line, we call a "sanitary sewer."


Because I'm self-employed, my fees usually come in lower than my competitors with employees. No workman's compensation, no social security for employees, no medical insurance for employees, and no vacation pay for employees allows by business to work with a low overhead. I enjoy working alone and always have. It may take me longer to do a thorough cleanup, but if you have time, I make have time.

Los Price Policy

If you need me within 24 hours of your first cleanup, I'll do your next cleanup for half price. This business policy has one person in mind, you, a previous customer. If for some reason I cannot return within a reasonable time for your second cleanup, I'll return half my previous fee.

Since life proves itself as unfair, I believe I help make life a little fairer for my valued customers in this way.


Sanitary Sewer

Here's a common definition of a sanitary sewer:

"Sanitary Sewer: A sewer for carrying sewage and excludes storm, surfaces and ground water."

Some people believe the term "sewer" arose from "seaward" in Old English. Early sewers in London were ditches leading to London's Thames River, and from there seaward.

Some people laugh about sewage cleanup because sewage cleanup seems like such a "dirty" job, and it is a dirty job. Sewage cleanup follows after discharges that sometimes cause people to shudder at the idea of floating "stuff." This "stuff" stinks. We all know too that "stuff" contains feces and more. Sewage makes us all uneasy, uncomfortable.

Besides those laughing about sewage cleanup, "How can you do it?", plenty of others do not laugh. They want someone for sewage cleanup now, and if sooner than better.

Sewage cleanup means working around stink. Sewage cleanup means more than ridding homes and other buildings of "stink." A truth of it matter tells us sewage, at times, carries bacteria, funguses, parasites, and viruses that can cause intestinal, lung, and other infections.

Usually when I arrive at a Orange County home for sewage cleanup, I find recent water overflow from a stopped-up toilet. Perhaps fecal matter mixed with soggy toilet paper makes its way to your hall carpet. When I announce the carpet must come out with your cushion, disbelief fills your humid, fecal scented room's air. Any time a toilet overflows with human waste, we call the overflowing material a "category 3" sewage discharge, the most hazardous of 3 sewage discharges.

"What happened?" often greets me before any other words. All that I can say, usually, resembles what most plumbers would say, "Something clogged your sewage pipes."

Sewage pipes have their limits. In fact, we've become so used to shoving just about anything down our toilet we're amazed when something becomes clogged. "It never happened before!". Well, roots sometimes begin to grow in our sewer pipes. Perhaps someone poured cat litter down the toilet or sand from their aquarium. Many explanations exist, and someone usually has a new one for me every now and then. It happens, and it's more common then we might think. Diapers, as a matter of fact, commonly stop up apartment toilets.



It's hard to believe, but in our very early years of sewers in the United States, hollowed out logs served to carry sewage from homes to the nearest stream or larger water system. (Thank goodness for our modern Environmental Protection Agency!). Cut stone slate often serve rd for sewer pipes, depending on the most availed material. Square pipes served as the shapes for sewers. Sometime in the 1820s people in Europe started using circular pipes. Before long people figured out that circular pipes helped pass sand and other debris from the sewer.

No one knew in the early days that pipes worked best when sealed at the joints to stop water, dirt, sand, and roots from entering the sewage pipe system. I those days people didn't worry about sewage leaking out into the ground water. In fact, sewer pipes often ran near fresh water pipes since toilets were placed adjacent to water spick et pipes in the interest of easy toilet flushing.In the early years, the joints of the sewer pipe were not sealed. We can imagine the worst of the worst outcomes for many people infected with cholera and salmonella. Sewage cleanup need not expose anyone to these germs if done properly.

Of some interest, regarding sewer pipes in Orange County, Orange County homes built after World War II were made from tar soaked paper rolls, and they continue in service today. Their biggest problems arise when someone needs to tap into one of these ancient paper pipes. Clay pipes and paper do not work together.

A Few Biological Hazards Encountered During Sewage Cleanup

Some types of bacteria may cause diarrhea, fever, cramps, and sometimes vomiting, headache, weakness, or loss of appetite. Fortunately for me, fever hit me only once, and never something like Ecoli, shigellosis, typhoid fever, salmonella, or cholera sickened me during sewage cleanup.

Visit here to read more about sewage pathogens: Sewage Pathogens - - http://www.epa.gov/nrmrl/pubs/625r92013/625R92013chap2.pdf

When sewage reaches its final destination as "sewage, treatment plant workers add lime to the sewage to destroy pathogens in its solids. The helps to control the pH while destroying harmful bacteria. This "bio solids stabilization" reduces odors, pathogens and putrescibility of the solids. in the sludge digester, removing nitrogen compounds and phosphates.

In sewage treatment, the traditional role of lime is to
control pH in the sludge digester, which removes dissolved
and suspended solids that contain phosphates and nitrogen
compounds. Lime also aids in destroying harmful bacteria. The leading use in sewage treatment is to stabilize the resulting sewage sludge. Sewage sludge stabilization, also called biosolid stabilization, reduces odors,
pathogens, and putrescibility of the solids.

My other Orange County cleaning companies include biohazard cleanup companies like homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup with decomposition, and general death cleanup help. They also help prove Orange County coroner employee' consumer fraud. Because my sewage business receives telephone calls, I have the idea my biohazard cleanup businesses should receive calls for Orange County as well. It doesn't.

Besides, these efforts help keep my sewage cleanup skills sharp. I use Orange County biohazard cleanup to help fight corruption in Orange County's local government. I use Orange County Biohazard Cleanup web pages for the same purpose and to prove a point. I have the largest biohazard cleanup footprint on the Orange County Internet for affordable death cleanup services.

Like my sewage cleanup prices, all of my Orange County Affordable Death Cleanup web sites help to market my reasonably priced services for sewage cleanup. Others like Orange County Suicide Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleanup also help get the word out about my Orange County sewage cleanup business.


Also visit Orange County Consumer Fraud if you have an interest in local government corruption.

Eddie Evans

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Don't worry. We can remove that offending matter. Call Eddie Evans now for Orange County sewage cleanup.
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